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In memoriam

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It is with indescribable sadness that I inform my readers of the passing of my love, my muse, Bobbie Morgan, on November 18, 2015. She inspired many of the stories in these pages. I am sure that, even though she is no longer here, she will inspire many more. Her memorial service is today, November [...]


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Detroit had only two colors this time of year: white and gray. And it was cold—the kind of cold that sliced through Jack Morgan’s tweed sport coat and leather jacket like a straight razor. Pathetic wisps of snow swirled and eddied over the cracked tarmac as he hurried down the steps from the Airbus, eager [...]

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These are stories for grownups. These tales may or may not be literally true (a gentleman never tells), but they are always about the truth. I hope they ring true for you. You may enjoy reading them by yourself with the lights turned low, perhaps with a nice beverage. You may find that reading them [...]