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Stories for Grownups

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These are stories for grownups.

These tales may or may not be literally true (a gentleman never tells), but they are always about the truth. I hope they ring true for you.

You may enjoy reading them by yourself with the lights turned low, perhaps with a nice beverage. You may find that reading them aloud to someone you care about would be appropriate. Who knows where that might lead?

These stories are quite explicit, yes. The way we express the love and affection lovers have for each other in a physical way often lends itself to words not normally used in polite society. But there are times when those lovely Anglo-Saxon words like fuck, cunt, cock or pussy are the only ones that will serve the purpose. If you are looking for a sanitized, suitable-for-primetime narrative, you may be disappointed, or even appalled.

But if you believe in the raucous, bawdy, uninhibited expression of those most primal drives in our species—those twin desires of sex and of love in all its lovely flavors—then I hope you will find some enjoyment in these words.

These are all original works, written over a number of years, inspired by special events and special people. I am declaring my copyright here, but I invite you to share these with those you care about. I just ask that you not sell them, post them in inappropriate places or take credit for the work I did.

My best to you,

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