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Flight to Adventure

“Lift your arms, please.” She raised her arms in a reach-for-the-sky pose as the airport x-ray machine hummed, scanning her for explosives, weapons or containers with more than three ounces of liquid. She knew there were bored TSA agents sitting in front of screens in a windowless room, ogling her nearly naked body. She was glad she had picked her best underwear for this trip. Give those poor minimum-wage guys a little thrill. She smiled as she was waved out of the booth. No weapons today, boys. Just this killer body.

She retrieved her purse, shoes, and overnight bag from the gray plastic bin on the conveyer, hopped on one foot as she put her shoes back on. She had bought them just for this trip; the stiletto heels were completely impractical for traveling or walking, uncomfortable as hell—but they definitely showed off her legs. She felt strong, powerful and sexy. She strode confidently toward the gate, knowing that many admiring eyes were on her. Did men fantasize about her? She wondered with a secret smile.

She reached the gate with time to spare. She had counted down first the days, then the hours, until she would be boarding this flight, heading westward for this illicit rendezvous. Her heart quickened with the anticipation, the thrilling knowledge that in less than eight hours she would be…she felt color coming to her cheeks and wondered if anyone noticed. She took a deep breath. Was the plane at the gate yet? Half an hour, and she’d be boarding.

How was the weather in California? The ten-day forecast had predicted showers and chilly temperatures over the weekend at first, but thankfully, the prospects had improved. It would be warm and sunny. She rummaged in her purse for her iPhone to check the forecast one last time. These phones were so thin they often seemed to get lost in the nooks and crannies of the large bag she always carried. It was stubbornly hiding from her, eluding her seeking fingers. She pulled items from the purse: cosmetics, e-book reader, extra panty hose, note pad, digital voice recorder…where was that damned phone? She felt her heart beat faster. Had she dropped it on the way to the gate? Had it been stolen? She turned the purse upside down, dumping the contents on the floor. Her mouth went dry. There was no phone. No…phone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to welcome you to US Air flight 829 to Charlotte, North Carolina, connecting to San Francisco. We’ll start boarding with passes lettered A through D.” Passengers started lining up. She looked at her boarding pass, trying to contain a rising panic. The bold letter L told her she wouldn’t be boarding for at least five minutes. Where was that damned phone? The TSA conveyer! She had put the phone in a separate plastic bin. She must have left it at the security checkpoint. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She scooped up the contents of her bag, clutched it to her chest and began running back to the checkpoint. The plastic wheels of her carryon bag made rapid clack-clack-clack noises on the tiles of the terminal. Please be there. Please be there. Please be there. Stilettos were the last thing she should be wearing now, she thought, nearly running. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall.

She reached the checkpoint, breathing hard. The bored TSA agent looked at her questioningly.

“Did you…find…an…iPhone?” she panted. He smiled at her as though she were a lost child asking for directions. She felt sweat pooling in her bra.

“We thought you’d come back for that,” he said. “We had a little bet on how fast you’d be back.” He handed her the precious iPhone. She wanted to kiss him. Instead, she took the phone with a grateful nod, headed back to the gate. Two minutes. She could do this. She would make it in time. She had to.

“You owe me Starbuck’s, Charlie,” she heard the TSA agent say as she took the escalator steps two at a time.

Clack-clack-clackclackclack. She reached the gate as the last passenger was disappearing down the jetway. Just! She handed her boarding pass to the attendant and strode down the long hallway to the 737, trying to slow her pounding heart. This was not the way she had hoped to start this adventure. She knew her hair was flying, her cheeks were flushed and slick with sweat. But she was here. At the plane. She would have time to calm herself.

She wrestled her carryon into the overhead bin and settled into the last open seat, nearly at the rear of the plane. She fastened her seat belt and closed her eyes, willing her heartbeat to return to normal. The cabin doors closed with a solid thump, the plane began its push back with a slight jerk, the big jet engines started with a faint whine and vibration. The 737 trundled along the taxiways to the end of the runway. Seconds later, the whine of the engines grew to a roar, the captain released the brakes and the big airliner began its takeoff run. The acceleration pressed her back in her seat.

She loved flying. She loved the power and sounds of the takeoff, the shifting picture from the windows as the captain climbed to altitude and established his course. Airliners were like magic portals. Walk into the big long tube, sit down for a while, walk out into a different world. Adventure. She took a deep breath, relaxed in her seat and settled in for the long flight to California.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be starting our descent into San Francisco in just a few minutes.” The captain’s voice on the overhead speakers was avuncular and calm. It had been a smooth, uneventful flight. The sounds in the airliner’s cabin changed subtly; the engines’ whine was softer and smoother. She could feel the 737 beginning its gradual descent, approaching the Pacific Ocean. “We got lucky this flight,” the captain continued. “We’ll be rolling up to the gate about ten minutes ahead of schedule. It’ll be another beautiful Northern California day down there, folks; 74 degrees and sun all weekend. Hope you good folks have some fun planned for the weekend.” She grinned broadly. Did she ever! She felt like bouncing in her seat with anticipation. Couldn’t he get this plane on the ground any faster?

The whine of hydraulic motors filled the cabin. She watched the wing’s flaps extend, heard the landing gear lowering. Soon the airport was in sight, and the captain guided the 737 to a smooth, artful landing. The thrust reversers slowed the plane, and soon they were connecting to the jetway. There were nearly 200 passengers on this flight, and it seemed they all wanted to deplane simultaneously. They clogged the aisle, struggling with bags. She sighed, waiting for the congestion to thin out.

After what seemed like an eternity, the crowd began to shuffle down the aisle, their carryons banging against the seats. She followed at the end of that line of people, forcing herself to be calm when she wanted to scream, “Get out of the way, you idiots!” At last she was striding up the jetway, into the terminal. Her stilettos clicked on the tiles, a counterpoint to the clack-clack-clack of the carryon’s wheels.

Her phone buzzed in her hand.

“Hey baby.” That voice! She felt herself melting as she hurried through the cavern of the huge airport, toward him.

“Hi!” she said brightly. Was her voice too high? Did she sound too eager? Well, wasn’t she? “Where are you? I can’t see you!”  She looked around, searching for his face, seeing only a sea of hurrying people.

“There you are, baby.” The voice was behind her, deep, warm and…close! He stood behind her, his arms wide and welcoming, a broad smile on his face. She ran into his arms, melting into him, feeling his embrace. She turned her face up to his and their lips met. She sighed deeply, contentedly as their mouths opened, tongues probing. She wanted to stand like this forever as the world hurried around them in a blur. She felt content and safe. She felt like purring.

After a long while, they stepped back a little, still holding each other, looking into each other’s eyes. She knew her face carried the same beatific grin that his did.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he said, taking her carryon bag from her, moving toward the exit.

“Oh, yes!” she said eagerly. They hurried to the parking garage, his long legs consuming the distance easily. She hurried to keep up in her stilettos.

“You look really hot,” he said in a low voice, bending down to her ear as though conferring a secret. She blushed scarlet. “The shoes are a nice touch.” Click click click on the concrete floor of the parking garage. They arrived at the car, which was mercifully close. He opened the passenger door for her, but before she could get in, he pulled her to him, kissing her urgently. She responded with her whole body, pressing into him. They breathed in perfect sync, luxuriating in the long-delayed pleasure of being together after such a long time apart.

Reluctantly they broke their kiss, both breathless with passion and anticipation. She got into the passenger seat, looked over at him as he got in and started the car. Her broad grin was back.

“You’re not going to get us into an accident, are you?” she asked, laughing.

“Oh, no,” he said. “I have other plans.” He started the car and began to back out. He put his hand on her warm thigh. She felt her body respond to his touch.

They reached the hotel in fifteen minutes. He had already checked in, so they took the elevator to the fourth floor. They shared the elevator with a young couple, so they kept their hands mostly to themselves, twining their fingers together. At last they reached the fourth floor. They exited, walking down the long hallway to the hotel room. They walked faster and faster, until they were nearly running when they reached the door. He already had the key card out, and fumbled to get it into the slot. There was a soft click and the door was open. They were kissing again as they fell into the room, pawing at each other’s clothes, desperate to feel skin against skin.

Soon there was a messy pile of clothing on the floor, and they fell, naked, on the big hotel bed. His hands, his mouth, were everywhere on her body: lips, neck, ears, breasts, belly. She parted her legs, hips undulating and desiring, urgent in her need for him. He brought his mouth to her pussy, feeling how wet she already was. She wrapped her legs around his head, pulling him to her. His greedy mouth and tongue fed on her, sucking at her sensitive clitoris, probing her slick pussy. She felt herself beginning to lose control. She moaned deep in her throat—a primal, almost savage sound that seemed to inflame him further.

She had to have him inside her. She had to feel him filling her. She had to have him right now. She grabbed at his head to pull him up to her. He obliged, sliding his body to lie on top of her, his mouth on hers again. She tasted the salt and musk of her own arousal on his lips. His hard cock was between her legs, poised at the entrance to her pussy. She reached between them to grip him, feeling his smooth warmth, marveling at his power. That power would be all hers. She guided him into her.

He came into her slick, warm pussy, burying himself inside her. He didn’t move for a moment; they both lay still, reveling in this moment of joining. She felt possessed. She felt cherished. She felt safe. She felt the delicious fullness of this man inside her.

Soon he began to move in her—a deliberate, languid movement at first, in and out, now withdrawing so the tip of his cock was barely inside, now slowly going deeper into her womb, until he could go no further. She wrapped her legs around his back to draw him into her, willing this exquisite moment to go on forever. Each time he moved into her, she raised her hips to meet him. As though by silent agreement, they began to increase their pace. His thrusts came faster, more urgently. She lifted to meet him each time, matching him in perfect rhythm. Their breath came in thick, hot pants as they fucked mindlessly. They were two animals, newly emerged from the primordial ooze, frantically copulating to create a new species. Their mingled cries filled the room. The air was redolent with the musky aroma of sex.

She clutched his body to hers, desperate for a more intimate joining. Was she weeping? She wasn’t sure, but if there were tears, they were certainly tears of joy. They climbed the mountain together, breathless as they approached the summit.

He could have said, “Come with me,” and taken her hand to bring her to the top of the mountain. She would take his hand and allow herself to be carried along with him. They would reach the summit together, panting with exertion, then admire the magnificent vista laid out before them like a Pisarro landscape.

She felt the familiar thrill, beginning somewhere deep in her bowels, the electric warmth spreading upward through her belly, her chest, reaching her cheeks lighting them up with color. His penis moved in and out of her like a machine. The sensation was exquisitely pleasurable, and she wanted to weep with the sheer ecstasy of it.

She felt powerful, possessing this man, as he surely was possessing her. Her arms wrapped around him, clutching at him, stroking his smooth back, feeling muscles rippling beneath his skin.

Their coupling took on a new urgency as they reached the summit together; their breath rasped in their throats, guttural cries of passion filled the room. Her body was moving on its own with her, at one with his, in perfect rhythm with him.

They both held their breath, poised at the precipice, wanting to prolong these last seconds of anticipation as long as they could.

Suddenly, they both exploded in orgasm—hers first, marked with a joyous release of inarticulate cries. Her pussy contracted rhythmically around his penis as he thrust in and out of her. She knew he was holding back the last few seconds for her.

“Yes!” she cried. “Yes! Oh yes!” She was laughing and crying at the same time, thrashing on the bed under him. Suddenly she felt a warm gush coming from her, bathing them both, then his release into her. His cock plunged in and out of her tender pussy deeply as his orgasm claimed them both. They were both soaking wet and slippery with their copious juices and with their shared sweat.

Finally, his passionate thrusting slowed, then stopped. His body went limp on top of her, and she could feel his warm breath on her neck. She felt his still-hard cock inside her and wished he could stay there for hours. She caressed his damp hair, feeling a sudden sense of peace, of ineffable tenderness.

The room began to grow dark as the sun went down. Slowly he withdrew from her and lay next to her. He stayed close, his arms around her, kissing her breasts, her lips. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply, wishing they could stay like this, naked in the afterglow, together forever.

She moved those fond thoughts to a different part of her mind. She understood—at least she tried to understand—the real nature of this relationship. For all the limitations and boundaries, she knew this was precious. For these hours, these few days, she was able to feel safe and protected. She felt appreciated.

She felt…loved. Could she even think this? Was it an illusion, or was it real?

She wasn’t inclined to analyze her feelings right then. She had decided long ago to accept the necessary limitations. She knew this man—so kind to her, so tender—cared for her. She knew he liked her, even apart from the physical side of their relationship. She trusted him.

She looked at him in the half-light. His eyes were closed, his breathing regular in sleep. She pressed her lips to his, softly. She nestled in close to him, feeling the warmth of his body.

Soon, she slept, too.

The stiletto heels reposed on the piled clothing.