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When Morning Comes

Thursday arrived damply; San Francisco’s early morning grayness entered through rain-spattered windows and stalked sullenly into the bedroom. Ellen burrowed snugly into the blankets, trying to retain the last wisps of the dream she had enjoyed only moments before. It had seemed so real to her; she lay perfectly still, trying to recapture the feelings she had experienced in the dream. She could still feel warm hands on her body, stroking, exploring, probing gently. As she lay there, she seemed to feel his breath on her, the faint smell of his sweat, the taste of his skin on her tongue.

She felt her heartbeat quicken slightly as she struggled to remember her dream, already made hazy and distant by the daylight. She moved her hands slowly over her body, trying to remember what his hands had felt like.

It seemed as though they had been strong hands, with long fingers. They had moved over her body gracefully, causing it to vibrate like the strings of a viola. They had moved here, then there, lingering in this hollow, then gently stroking…as she began to retrieve the memory, she felt the flush begin to spread across her chest, the warmth in her belly as her body responded to imagined caresses.

Had it been only a dream, a fantasy? It had seemed so real, the memory so vivid. As she tried to remember, the daylight finally succeeded in chasing away the last vestiges of the night, and Ellen opened her eyes. As reality returned, so did the day’s responsibilities.

Flinging warm covers aside, Ellen rose, heading for the shower. She passed by the full-length mirror (her one concession to vanity) and paused for a moment, admiring. As always, she was pleased with the tall, confident woman she saw looking back at her.

She tried to see herself as a new lover might see her for the first time, so she lingered in front of the mirror for a few moments. She saw the dark mass of curly hair cascading over her shoulders and nearly covering her breasts. She brushed it back, enjoying its thick silkiness. She was very tall, nearly six feet, and carried herself proudly, as though flaunting her stature. Her breasts, while not large, were very firm, with protruding nipples. She moved her hands lightly over them, imagining that it was not her own hands, but those of her nameless lover in the dream. Her hands felt very warm as they moved gently over her body.

She looked at her firm stomach and the triangle of fine hair at the joining of her thighs. She placed her palms flat against her belly and moved them slowly downward, lingering momentarily on her dark mound, pressing slightly. As she watched her own hands caressing her body she imagined, perhaps for the hundredth time, the hands of the lover in her dream.

She had never lacked for attention or companionship; she lived with a good man who cared for her and respected her, who treated her like a lady. She knew that she had a good life, and felt secure in the relationship, but she always felt that there was something lacking, a hidden side to her nature which longed to be released.

She had tried over the years to tell this good man of her desires, how she needed to be dominated, even possessed. For years she had longed to tell him that she wanted to take his cock in her mouth, to suck and lick him until he exploded in her mouth; she wanted to feel his come on her tongue, to hold it in her mouth as long as she wanted.

She wanted him to be rough with her, even dangerous.

She had tried many times to tell him this, but each time she tried, he became gentle and considerate, trying to cater to her every wish. He brought her warm herb tea in bed, gave her long back rubs, cooked dinner for the two of them.

He was very…nice…to her; but she was becoming increasingly aware that she craved something other than…nice.

She found herself retreating more and more into fantasy, into a world where her lover was responsive to her needs, and appreciated her special and unique quality. She knew he existed only in her fantasy, yet there were times Ellen could not wait to go to sleep, knowing that her lover would be waiting for her, just as soon as she drifted off.


This morning as she awoke, slowly as always, she was conscious of a subtle difference in the room. She held her breath, listening. She could feel her heart beginning to beat more strongly, as it always did as she though of her fantasy lover. She felt the familiar tightness in her chest and the warmth in her belly. She lay quietly in the dawn’s half-light, savoring the memory of last night’s dream. A small sound in the room caught her attention and she opened her eyes, her dreamy state ended. Suddenly she was aware that she was no longer alone in the bedroom. Not daring to make a sound, she looked to the source of the sound.

It was a man, standing quietly in the corner of the small room, his arms folded. Strangely, Ellen felt no fear. She sat up in the bed, clutching the covers to her nakedness. The stranger made no move toward her, but stood there watching her, a slight smile playing with the corners of his mouth.

He was tall, over six feet, and appeared to be in his mid thirties. He wore a beige sweater of coarse wool and cotton trousers. His hair was light brown, very fine, and curled slightly at the ends. Even in the dim light Ellen noticed his eyes: hazel in color, but with a sparkle which enlivened the smile on his lips. He appeared slender as he stood quietly in the corner.

“What do you want?” Ellen asked, wondering why she did not feel terrified at discovering a total stranger in her bedroom.

“I have come to give you a gift.” His voice was rather deep, with a soothing quality which reassured her. Nonetheless, she clutched the bedclothes more tightly to her.

“Who are you?” The question suddenly sounded silly in her ears.

The man smiled again.

“You may call me what you wish. I am known by many names, but you may call me Edward, if it pleases you.” There was something in his manner which comforted her. She relaxed slightly in his presence.

“You have many qualities which appeal to me,” he said. “We will explore those qualities together.” She felt a slight taste of fear in her throat, but sat motionless, waiting to see what this stranger would do.

“Come over here,” he said gently. “I want to look at you.” Self-consciously, Ellen released her grip on the bedclothes and they fell away. The stranger’s smile broadened slightly; his eyes lingered on her breasts. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

“It’s all right. Come over here.” Encouraged by the gentleness in his voice, Ellen closed the distance between them. He unfolded his arms and reached out to her, grasping the dark, mass of her hair, still tousled from sleep. “I have always liked your hair,” he said, caressing it. He brushed the dark curls away from her face, allowing the thick mass of hair to cascade down her back. He arranged it so that it would frame her face, setting off her large brown eyes.

“You have kept it long. That is the way it should be.” He looked into her eyes, then fixed his gaze on her full lips, her strong chin, her long neck. His eyes softened as he looked at her breasts.

“You have nice tits,” he said. “You have taken good care of your body. You’re a runner, aren’t you?”

She nodded. “I run with my dog.” He smiled approvingly.

“It shows. You hold your body proudly. As you should.” His eyes traveled down to her belly, to the dark triangle of curly hair at the joining of her thighs. He admired her long legs, the small nick on her shin where she had cut herself shaving the day before. He made no move to touch her, seeming content simply to admire her long, sleek body as she stood naked before him.

“I told you I came to bring you a gift, Ellen; but in order for me to give you this gift, you must agree to be completely obedient. Do you understand?”

“No…I mean, I don’t know what you want; how can I agree to anything, without knowing what it is you want?” She began to feel confused, wanting for some reason to please this strange yet gentle man who had appeared in her bedroom, yet not knowing exactly what he intended. He sensed her confusion.

“I will make love to you now, Ellen, but you must do exactly as I say. Do you understand?” She nodded once, anxious now to obey him. She stood quietly, waiting for instructions, already feeling her heart begin to pound. He held out his arms slightly and Ellen took one step forward. He brought his mouth to hers, lips slightly parted, and clasped her to him. She felt the rough texture of his sweater on her smooth breasts and belly. He squeezed her more tightly and she began to melt into him, wrapping her arms around his body.

As they embraced she pressed her long body against him and felt him grow hard against her. His strong hands clasped her buttocks, pressing her more firmly against him. She felt her pussy begin to get wet.

He kissed her full mouth, gently at first, then more forcefully as she responded. Their tongues met and entwined. Ellen felt as though her legs might not support her and she was short of breath. The kiss continued; his hands were moving the length of her naked back, fingers gently tracing her backbone, exploring the curve of a hip, cupping her behind. He pulled her hips into tighter contact with him and she could feel how he had hardened. She parted her legs slightly to bring her pussy into tighter contact with him.

Suddenly he broke the embrace and pushed her away slightly. One hand on each shoulder, he held her at arm’s length, looking at her. He brushed a strand of hair from her cheek with his fingertips, then traced the contour of her jaw, her long neck, her shoulder. Lightly he moved his long fingers over her breasts, first tracing the outer curve, then exploring the soft undersides, noting the light sweat which rested under each firm breast. He pressed and rolled each nipple gently between thumb and forefinger; they hardened at the touch. He bent his head to kiss each breast, his mouth lingering. He licked each firm nipple lightly, then encircled each in turn with his lips, sucking gently, then flicking with his tongue. Feeling her response he took more of her breast into his mouth. Her nipples hardened farther and she felt a flush spreading across her cheeks and chest.

Again he pushed her away. He looked approvingly at her small, firm belly, the feathery hair leading invitingly to the joining of her thighs. Ellen stood submissively before him, her legs slightly apart. He stroked the curves of her waist and hip, ran the backs of his fingers across her belly, then stroked the dark triangle. Sliding his hand between her legs, he caressed her pussy, feeling the slickness there. He put his fingers to his lips, tasting her. “I like the way you taste. You are wet very quickly. Now: I will tell you what to do, and you will follow my instructions exactly. If you do, I will reward you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Her voice was barely a whisper.

“Good. First you may remove my sweater.” Ellen pulled his coarse sweater over his head. He was wearing a plaid cotton shirt underneath. She dropped the sweater on the floor.

“Unbutton my shirt.” In her haste to obey, Ellen’s fingers trembled, and she fumbled with the buttons. He took her hands in his, looking into her eyes. “We have plenty of time. You are doing well.” He released her hands and she started on the buttons again, this time more successfully. She undid the last button and walked around him to remove the shirt. He was naked to the waist now; she saw that his upper body had little hair and his skin was fair. He took her face between his hands and kissed her full on the lips. She began to respond to his kiss, but he withdrew slightly. He guided her lips downward across his chest. Ellen placed small kisses across the breadth of his smooth chest, licking and sucking his nipples for a moment, then, guided by his hands, moving downward to his belly. As she traced the downward path with her lips, she felt the light hair surrounding his navel. She was aware of his male scent now, and very conscious of the hard bulge just below his belt line. She longed to taste him, to bury him inside her. She felt the slickness between her thighs and reached down to stroke her wet pussy.

He grasped her by the shoulders once more and raised her to her feet. She was breathing heavily now, thoroughly aroused.

“Would you like my cock in your mouth, Ellen?” Her heart leapt.

“Oh, yes, please!” She stood excitedly before him, happy that he would allow her to taste him.

“I will allow you that, but remember, you must still follow my instructions. Do you understand?” She nodded, dizzy with anticipation.

“Unfasten my belt.” She bent down to fumble with the stiff leather, unsuccessfully at first, then managed to open the brass buckle. She looked to him for further instructions. “Open the top button.” She did so, increasingly aware of the hard treasure she was approaching. She stood up, waiting for permission to proceed. “Take off my shoes.” She dropped to her knees and untied his shoes and removed first one, then the other.

“May I take your socks off, too?” As she said it, she was momentarily afraid that she was being too bold, and that he might become displeased with her. To her relief, he smiled down at her as she knelt on the floor at his feet.

“Yes, you may.” She lifted each foot and removed each sock in turn, kissing first one foot, then the other. On an impulse, she gathered a handful of her dark, wavy hair and stroked his feet and ankles with the silky mass. She looked up at him for approval. He smiled down at her again.

“Would you like to take my pants off?”

“Oh, yes, yes! I would!” She was on her knees before him, her face level with the hard bulge in his pants.

“You may do that.” Her hands trembling, she lowered his zipper and slowly pulled the cotton pants down over his hips. His cock sprang from his shorts, a small drop of clear fluid glistening at its end. She stared at it hungrily.

“You may take off my shorts now.” Carefully she pulled the garment down, being careful not to touch his erect member before being granted permission. He stepped out of the rest of his clothes and stood there before her, naked. Her eyes were fixed on his cock, which jerked slightly with his pulse.

“You may look at me, if you like.” Ellen looked at his erect cock, inches from her face. It was very straight and pale with a small network of blue veins tracing faintly across its surface. The small vertical slit at its tip issued drops of clear fluid, reassuring her that she was, so far at least, pleasing him. She longed to take him into her mouth and drink all that he would give her. But she knew she must wait. The hair above the erect member was dark and wiry, lightening in color as it reached his navel.

“You are doing very well, Ellen. You are impatient to have me in your mouth, I know; I shall begin to reward your obedience now. You may hold my cock, and put your lips to the tip.” Tentatively at first, then more firmly, Ellen grasped his erect member, admiring its firmness, feeling its warmth. She placed her full lips against the very tip of his cock in a chaste but lingering kiss. She felt his pulse against her lips, and as she moved her mouth ever so slightly across the tip, enjoyed the slipperiness of the fluid.

“You may have a little more; but do not go past the head yet.” Opening her lips slightly, she took the head of his cock into her mouth. She moved her tongue slowly across the warm flesh in her mouth and was rewarded with the first salty taste of him in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sighed, savoring the taste and feel of him in her mouth. She hoped he would allow her to stay this way for a while longer.

He was stroking her hair as she held him in her mouth. “You have such a warm mouth, Ellen. You are giving me much pleasure, and I intend to reward you. You may take more of me into your mouth. But be careful not to make me come yet.”

Happily, Ellen took more of his cock into her mouth; its shape seemed to fit perfectly against the roof of her mouth as she took him into her mouth and throat. Her tongue explored the veins on its underside, and she marveled at its smoothness. She tasted the slight saltiness of his arousal. She kept her eyes closed tightly, savoring the feel of him, deep in her throat, the softness of his hands against her cheeks as he stroked her face and hair. She had taken him so deeply now that her lips contacted the base of his cock. She could hear him begin to murmur slightly with pleasure.

He was breathing more rapidly himself, now; Ellen wondered if she would be allowed to taste his come soon.

“Yes,” he said. “You are doing very well; suck me. Use your tongue more. Yes. Yes. You are doing well. Yes.” Bolder now, Ellen worked her tongue, mouth and teeth against his cock. She pulled back until she had just the head in her mouth; she sucked on him, extracting every drop of liquid she could get. Her tongue encircled first the head of his member, then slid down its smooth length as she took him deep into her throat again. She knew by his ragged breathing that he could come at any moment. Should she wait for permission? Or could she continue? She wanted so badly to please him.

At last his breathing reached its crescendo and Ellen worked furiously on his throbbing cock: in and out, her tongue busy all the while. Any moment, and she would be rewarded…

At once he withdrew from her mouth; she looked up at him, her large brown eyes showing something close to panic. Had she displeased him? Her hand was on his cock, now wet with her saliva. She wanted him back in her mouth, to taste him once again. She knew he would come at any second. She held him more firmly now, and slid her hand back and forth, feeling him tense.

Suddenly she was rewarded with thick spurts of creamy semen, covering her lips, face and breasts. Unable to help herself, she put her lips to his cock again as it issued its precious fluid. At last she tasted the come she had waited for. It was salty and sweet at the same time, and as she felt it on her tongue she wished there were more.

As his orgasm subsided he raised her to her feet and led her to the unmade bed. He laid her down on her back, then lay down beside her, his cock already beginning to soften. She could still taste his come on her mouth, feel its slickness on her face and breasts. With her left hand she massaged the slippery drops over her breasts and face; her right hand fingered her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she breathed deeply.

He began to kiss and lick her body: the hollow under her jaw, her armpit, each nipple in turn. She felt his warm breath against her skin, the flick of his tongue as he explored her body. She felt his tongue in her navel, and suppressed an urge to giggle. His warm mouth moved down her body, resting at the dark curls of her mound.

Gently he separated her legs and stroked her pussy. She spread her legs farther, offering herself to him. Her clitoris was firm and engorged. Gently he caressed it with his fingers; she shuddered. He inserted first two fingers, then three, then four fingers into her pussy, which was slippery with her copious juices. He shifted his position so that he could reach her pussy more readily with his mouth, and in doing this, presented his still limp cock to her mouth. As he began to lick and suck the juice from her swollen pussy, Ellen again fastened her mouth to his cock. She felt him harden in her mouth and she set to work on him again, sucking, licking, kissing, nipping lightly with her teeth.

She wrapped her long legs around his head as he thrust his tongue into her and caressed her clit with the tip of his tongue. Ellen did not normally care to have her pussy licked, but this time was different: she was allowed to have his beautiful cock in her mouth, to suck and kiss as much as she wanted; maybe this time he would come in her mouth, and she could have all of him…

He continued to suck and lick her clit, thrusting fingers deep into her pussy. He spread slippery juices around her thighs and buttocks. Parting her cheeks, he slid one slippery finger deep into her backside. She gasped in response. She felt filled: his stiff cock was in her mouth, his tongue played over her sensitive clit and into her pussy, and he had thrust fingers into her anus and into her cunt. She wished this could continue forever.

As he licked and caressed her, she felt her orgasm approaching: the warmth and tension through her belly, the weakness in her thighs and behind her knees. She began to emit gasping cries as her body convulsed in pleasure. As her cries intensified his tongue became more focused on her pussy, and he moved his finger in and out of her backside.

She lost all sense of time and place as her body shuddered. She sucked and licked desperately at his cock, still stiff in her mouth, as her orgasm took control of her. Her body arched on the bed as she tried to force her pelvis into more intimate contact with his mouth. Finally she released her hold on his cock and withstood the last shudders as her orgasm subsided.

Gradually her breathing returned to normal. He had shifted his position next to her and they were face to face again. He propped up his head on one elbow as he looked at her, the same half-smile on his lips that she had seen at their first meeting earlier that morning. She looked at him seriously through large dark eyes. He caressed her breast gently.

“You have given me much pleasure, Ellen, and we must rest for a few minutes; there is more for us to do today.” Her eyes widened. “We need to get cleaned up a little first.” He rose from the bed, pulling her along with him. She followed obediently.

He led her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When it was warm he motioned her in, then followed. The warm spray caressed their bodies, washing away the slickness and the sweat of their earlier passion. He stood her under the water and, taking a bar of soap, washed her long body thoroughly, lingering over her breasts and pussy. As he washed her belly and crotch she began to breathe more rapidly, luxuriating in the feel of the warm water and his hands on her. He would not allow her to wash herself. He poured pearlescent shampoo from a plastic bottle and massaged it into her thick hair. He massaged the creamy lather into her scalp with his strong hands. At length he tilted her head back into the spray, protecting her eyes with his hands. Finally the last traces of lather were rinsed away. Ellen opened her eyes and looked questioningly at him.

“Now it is your turn; you may wash me.” She took the cake of soap and rubbed it over his body, being careful not to miss any spot. She lathered a rough washcloth and scrubbed his back until the skin was pink; she rubbed her soapy hands down the small of his back and down his small buttocks. He parted his legs slightly and she spread the lather between the cheeks. As her soapy hands lingered there, he spread his legs further to allow her hands freer access to him.

She slid her soapy middle finger into his anus and heard his sharp intake of breath. She moved her free hand to his cock and discovered that he was nearly erect again. She was happy that she was able to please him. She withdrew her finger from him and came around to face him.

“Would you allow me to suck your cock again?” She was nearly pleading. He smiled at her again.

“There will be time for that later. We have other things to do first.” The warm water enveloped them; her dark hair cascaded down her back. The shower stall was quite large, providing ample room for two. He put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her down to her knees. She prepared to take his cock in her mouth once more, but he prevented her, pushing her down gently, so that she was on her hands and knees. As the warm spray bathed them, he knelt on the floor of the shower stall behind her. Taking the cake of soap, he spread her cheeks and applied soap liberally between them. Her heart pounded with anticipation. She felt the coolness of the cake of soap, then the slipperiness of his lathered fingers around her anus, then his stiff, soapy cock laid across her crack. First his fingers explored the area, probing gently. Then a pressure against her puckered anus, first gentle, then more insistent. Finally an instant of pain, and he penetrated her.

He stopped moving, just the head of his cock inside her. The sound of the water roared in their ears as it washed over them. Gradually he pushed his stiff member more deeply into her ass until it was buried to its base. He bent his body over her, his breath rasping, and reached around to her pussy with his right hand. First he caressed her clitoris, then inserted four fingers into her cunt. He began to move in and out of her ass, one hand massaging her slippery pussy. She was making animal cries from deep in her throat. He moved in and out of her, faster and deeper. Ellen rested her head on her forearms as his thrusting rocked her back and forth.

As their mingled cries reached their peak, he came once again, shooting hot, slippery semen deep into her bowels. She felt the sudden slickness as his cock continued to pump rhythmically in and out of her. At last his thrusting slowed, and she could feel him soften in her as he subsided. He stopped and leaned down against her back, cupping her breasts in his hands.

Finally he withdrew. They sat there in the shower, feeling the water temperature cool as the hot water ran out. At last he stood and spread lather over his limp cock. Ellen sat on the floor of the shower stall, looking up at him. He reached his hand to her and helped her to her feet. She was trembling, and he pulled her to him, enjoying the feel of her wet body against his.

He shut off the water and reached for a towel. He dried her body thoroughly and carefully and wrapped her wet hair into a damp turban. Taking her by the hand, he led her back to the bedroom, where he laid her gently onto the bed. She looked at him wide-eyed, not knowing what to expect, or what was now expected of her.

He lay down on the bed next to her, once more admiring her sleek body. He ran a warm hand over her, caressing the small, firm breasts, the curve of her hips, the hollow between her thighs with its curly dark triangle. He let his hand linger there, his fingers playing in the curls. He slid his hand between her thighs and she parted her legs slightly. He stroked the insides of her legs. He looked into her eyes.

Boldly she reached for his cock, now hanging flaccid. He made no move to stop her. “Would you like to taste me, one last time?”

“Is it all right? May I?” Ellen’s eyes were wide with anticipation.

“You may do what you wish with me. That is your reward.” He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes. Aware of this new responsibility to please her lover without his specific direction, Ellen now parted his legs and knelt between them. Gently grasping his limp member, she lowered her lips to it and began to lick and caress it. It remained limp in her hands. She took all of it in her mouth, plying her tongue around the sensitive underside. Looking up, she could see Edward’s chest rising and falling regularly; she wondered if he had fallen asleep but did not dare ask.

As she sucked and caressed his cock, she became aware that it was becoming noticeably firmer in her mouth; it seemed ever so slightly longer as well. Encouraged, she moved her mouth along its length, first holding just the very head in her mouth, then plunging it deeply into her mouth and throat, until her lips were against the curly hair at the base of his shaft. She began to taste the slight saltiness of fluid emerging from its tip. Encouraged, she continued her efforts, savoring the taste and feel of this warm instrument in her mouth. As she moved up and down its length she tried to fix in her memory for all time every shape and contour of this wonderful cock, the way it felt in her mouth, against her tongue, how it had slid aggressively into her ass earlier. She closed her eyes as she remembered the forbidden thrill of that moment.

As she moved her mouth and tongue over his organ she heard him breathing more heavily, yet he still appeared to be sleeping peacefully. It was so good, having this cock in her mouth. She wanted nothing more than this. She saw his hips moving slightly as she sucked him. As much as she wanted his come in her mouth and on her tongue, she wanted to savor the moment, to prolong it as much as possible. She withdrew her mouth from his cock and admired it as it pointed obliquely at the ceiling. Gently she grasped his testicles and stroked them. She flicked her tongue over the slit at the tip of his cock to savor the single drop of liquid there.

Finally, raising herself up to her knees, she straddled his pelvis. She grasped the hard cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, then, sighing, she sank on to him, burying the hard member to its base inside her. She closed her eyes, her heart racing. She squirmed slightly on him. She knew he was not asleep, for she could see that his breathing had increased along with her own. Reaching down between her legs, she fingered her own wet pussy, feeling her firm clitoris, and tracing the way his erect cock entered her body. She crowded a finger into her pussy alongside his cock. His hips were moving slightly now, beginning to thrust into her. Ellen unwound the terrycloth turban from her head and let her damp hair swing free. She lowered her head, allowing the dark mass to brush across his chest. She could see his heartbeat against his chest.

Bending lower, she pressed her mouth to his, feeling him respond.

“Please don’t do anything; just let me. Please.” Ellen was amazed at her own boldness in trying to give orders and direction to him. Yet he lay there passively, accepting her attentions.

She moved her pussy up and down the length of his erect cock, watching his breathing increase, feeling the slipperiness of her own juices. She reached down to stroke her clitoris and felt her arousal build rapidly.

She marveled that he could last this long without coming and finally dismounted. His cock, slippery with her pussy juices, seemed to move with a life of its own. She took it into her mouth again, savoring the taste of her own juices along with his. As she moved her mouth up and down the length of his erect cock, she tasted more and more the saltiness of his secretions. She heard his breathing grow to a rasp. She sucked him with an urgency she had not had earlier; she must have his come—all of it—in her mouth. She flicked the tip and length of the shaft with her tongue; she nibbled slightly with her teeth as she pulled his member nearly out of her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head of the organ, enjoying its form and smooth texture.

“Please give me your come…please,” she implored, looking up at his serene face. “Please let me, I’d do anything, you know I’d do anything; please give it to me, Edward…” He opened his eyes and smiled down at her.

“Ellen, I told you that you could do what you wanted. You may have my come whenever you want. It’s there for you to take, whenever you want it.” Her heart was nearly bursting with happiness and anticipation. She began to suck him again, but now with the confidence that she would have this reward.

She felt his body tense and his hips thrust upward as she sucked him. He was making inarticulate sounds in response to her hot mouth on his cock. At last, he came.

Ellen could feel his cock suddenly become even more rigid in her mouth, then, just as she was encircling its head with her tongue, her mouth was full of Edward’s delicious, creamy come. She savored the salty-sweet taste of it as it pulsed over and under her tongue and down her throat. It overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin and between her breasts. As she sucked him, trying to extract the last drops of the precious substance, she reached down to her pussy and found it wet and sensitive. Still sucking his cock, she stoked and fondled herself, spreading the creamy semen which had overflowed from her mouth onto her sensitive clitoris.

At last she could take no more and she rolled over on her back, stroking her pussy, inserting two fingers into her cunt while massaging her clit with the flat of her hand. With her free hand she rubbed the slippery come into her breasts and belly.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as her body shuddered and bucked. At last her orgasm subsided and she fell back onto the bed, exhausted. She could still taste the sweetness of his semen on her lips, still felt the warmth of his stiff cock inside her. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she reached out her hand to him, lovingly caressing his body. After a while, they slept.


The sun was risen fully now, casting cheerful shafts of light across the rough wooden floor. Ellen stretched luxuriantly, feeling an unaccustomed satisfaction in her body. She sat up suddenly, looking at the digital display on her clock radio; it indicated that it was nearly noon. She never slept this late! She had things to do, and her Compaq demanded her attention. She was already hours behind in her work. She sprang from bed, planning how she might compress an extra three hours of work into the day.

As her bare feet touched the floor, she had a sudden flash of remembrance, a vivid image of fulfilled passion, the realization of a dream lover in this very room. The memory seemed too vivid to be just a dream. She paused in mid stride.

No, she thought, that was just the same dream, just a little better version. She smiled as the memory returned. It would have been nice if it were real, she thought; a lover who was perfectly responsive to her every fantasy, who pushed her to new passions, forcing her to pursue new frontiers…

She shook her head, chasing the thoughts back into the part of her mind she reserved for that particular fantasy. She had much to do today, and the last thing she needed was to be distracted by some Lothario who existed only in some recurring dream.

The memory persisted, however, as she stood naked before her mirror. As she brushed her long hair, she seemed once more to feel his warm hands on her body, his lips on her breasts, his warm breath on her inner thighs, his sharp, probing tongue caressing her clit, thrusting into her pussy. She continued to run the brush through her thick hair, unable to force that memory from her mind. Her lips parted slightly as she stood there, and suddenly she could feel his hard, smooth cock on her tongue again, taste his salty sweetness on her tongue; God, how good he tasted! The wonderful, slick feel of his come on her lips, covering her breasts. The hairbrush fell from her slack fingers as she remembered the moment; her fingers played lightly over her body as she relived the dream. Her nipples hardened as she stood before her mirror, and she knew that her pussy had become wet with the memory.

“This is ridiculous,” she chided herself, bending down to retrieve the hairbrush. “It was just a stupid dream!” She stroked furiously at her hair. But what a dream it was…more vivid than any reality she had ever experienced. Ellen finished with her hair and dressed, anxious to make up for the day’s late start. She made a token attempt at smoothing out the covers over the bed; as she arranged the pillows against the headboard, a tiny glint of light caught her eye. She crawled over the bed to look closer.

She retrieved the object: a small golden ring. She held it up to the light and was barely able to make out a fine inscription on the inside:

To Ellen: For your obedience…Lothario

She held the ring on her palm for a long moment; it felt almost warm there. At last she slid it onto her finger. It was so fine as to be nearly invisible, yet as she looked at it the memory of him returned; she felt a warmth spreading through her belly.

Finally Ellen sat down at her desk. She turned on the computer and the gentle whine of the disk drive filled the room. As her fingers flew over the keyboard, sunlight slanted warmly into the room and across the desk. Sometimes a flicker of light would glance off the thin gold on her finger and catch her eye. Her fingers would pause over the keyboard as she remembered.

She knew he would return.